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Working Successfully in a Stressful Environment

Pulsating competition,  record-speed technology & communications, and economic challenges have resulted in unsurpassed stress in the workplace.  It seems the hours are longer, expectations of individuals' accessibility have increased, and demands are incessant.  Corporate workers are emerging with the same stress-induced debilitations formerly only prevelant in industries such as law enforcement, emergency response, or air traffic control.  Organizations benefit from assisting their employees in managing this stress before they reach overload. 

There is a way for employees to remain energetic and productive in today's stressful work atmosphere.  Striker Corbin offers a content-packed seminar teaching real methods of achieving without sinking.  As an employer, offering Working Successfully in a Stressful Environment can prevent the downward spiral of stress-related encumbrances.

Stressful Work Conditions
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