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It was a pleasure to hear you speak and I feel your message of "Get Real, Get Going, and Get There" was very effective in projecting a positive outlook on my sales team.
- Eleidy C. Muniz, Washington Mutual

Thank you for the sensational presentation you gave us at our kick-off meeting ... You delivered everything you promised and more! You were entertaining, motivational, inspirational and informative. It's been rare indeed when I have received such positive feedback from my agents regarding a speaker."
- Barbara Sanderson, Prudential Douglas Elliman Realty 

I found the program to be an awakening and motivating experience.  I would go so far as to say that for me, it was a life altering experience…Striker’s awareness of motivational techniques and insights into human behavior made this program a success."
-Vince Gioe, Personal Development Seminar Participant

I personally want to thank you for the uplifting and informative meeting you did for [our office]. You truly kept the attention of a tough group and left us all with an energetic message - Its all within us! Thank you and I do sincerely hope that we will meet again.
-Emma McMahon,  Daniel Gale Realty

This workshop was very informative.  I really learned ways and methods to reduce stress.  There are several methods that I will implement in my own life.
-J.J., United Cerebral Palsy 

Striker's presentation was wonderful...I'm sure I will remember some of his pointers the next time I have to get up in front of an audience!
-Barbara Jordan, Middle Country Public Library Business Resource Program

Striker was able to make people laugh at 8 am! 
-Elizabeth Malafi, Miller Business Resource Center
Thank-you so much... I enjoyed your comments about changing your future ... Thanks for the reminder!   You're doing a great job and I know that lots of people's lives are changed through your speaking engagements.
-Events Coordinator, Family and Children's Assocation

I completely enjoyed your presentation and our group received real value from you.  We all enjoyed your enthusiasm, insight, stories and props.  Everyone walked away feeling confident and excited about our prospects for the new year and we all clearly know that we have the power to make it happen.  That's the message we wanted delivered and you did an excellent job delivering it!

We plan to call on you again as we continue to grow our business from 15th largest to the top ten over the next year!  Thanks for helping us further our goal!
- Donald Henig, EVP American Home Mortgage Corp.

Your presentation was inspiring, motivating and uplifting.  Our board members, volunteers and guests enjoyed the presentation and we heard many positive comments!
- Patrick R. McAsey, President, Arthritis Foundation LI Chapter

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