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THE CODE: 49 Rules for Living a Happy Life by Striker Corbin, is a guideline of traits that, when developed, will lead you on a path of happiness and fulfillment.  Some of the “suggestions” in this book are simple and easy to enact, while others will take some effort.  Others are humorous… yet, what’s the old saying?  - “There’s truth in humor.”

Read THE CODE.  If you think that an important principle is missing, create a “Code” of your own: one that establishes the fact that you are not only a person of integrity and character, but that you’re also fun!  As you improve yourself, you will not only enjoy life more but you will discover others being inexplicably drawn to you.

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Corporate Self-hypnosis CDs for INCREASING SALES
Striker Corbin's personalized, affordable, highly effective self-hypnosis CDs for increasing sales are produced for individuals or groups based on the organization's mission, culture and specific goals.  
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