These same techniques of visualization are effective in business.  Learn from past mistakes.  Correct the errors for the future, but focus on the future – not the past.  Look forward.  Visualize success.  Create a new future by imagining the possibilities and believing that they can be achieved.

We’re often too busy putting out fires, answering urgent emails, attending meetings ... to take the time to review the big picture.  What are you doing?  What difference does your effort today make next month?  Next year?  Where are you and your company headed?  The future often tumbles forward with you playing catch-up.

One highly effective method of bringing forth greater achievements is by scheduling “Imagine Sessions [IS]”, meetings for the purpose of imagining solutions, results, achievements, and success.  Imagine Sessions [IS] provide the fuel for the visualizations.  Repeated visualizations become what IS. Here are suggested guidelines to ensure that the member(s) have total freedom for the flow of ideas and that IS achieve the goal of stimulating new visions:

IS must be scheduled for a minimum of 30-minutes per session
The minimum length restriction accommodates the fact that ideas later seized upon and implemented are generally not introduced in the first fifteen minutes.  There exists a natural “warm-up” period, when brains are pre-occupied, and ideas are foggy.  As the session progresses, the players become more engaged, insightful, enthusiastic, and creative.  The energy and excitement levels increase as one inspiration stimulates another.

Any number of participants may be included
IS can be instrumental with one member; however, the more players that participate, the greater the energy, views, and inventiveness.

Players involved can rotate or remain the same
The dynamism of IS is fueled by hearing from new voices and capturing new perspectives. Likewise, an existing member who does not believe the sessions are of value is welcome to discontinue participating.

AVOID interruptions!
Interruptions break the beneficial contiguous surge of ideas.

All discussion is confidential except for a concurred plan of action
Confidentiality enables members to free flow their thoughts completely uncensored without fear of repercussions or embarrassment.

There are no bad ideas except those unspoken
One valuable component of IS is the openness and spontaneity of ideas.  If members self-censor or prejudge the worthiness of their thoughts, the session will not gain the energetic, sometimes entertaining and exhilarating, impact desired.

Scheduling should be adhered to, if at all possible
The routine nature of a schedule allows for our subconscious to “prepare” for the expansion of our thoughts.  It paves the way for the maximization of possibilities.
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What Athletes Know About Winning That
You Need to Know for Your Business

What separates Olympic Medal winners from their competitors?  Both groups of athletes have dedicated thousands of hours and countless dollars to training.  Both have immersed their every cell into the power of their dream.  Each athlete drives for perfection relentlessly, accepting only the best from his or her performance.  One answer is visualization.

Medal winners play the performance over and over in their minds.  They know how a perfect performance looks, feel, and even sounds.  They see themselves winning.  They visualize themselves performing flawlessly.  They can hear the cheers; see the photographers; feel their own smiles as they succeed.  The understanding exists among prime athletes that images of failure and thoughts of errors will affect their ability.  They know that they must SEE IT to BE IT. 
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