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Routine For Life
Success requires consistency.  Routine is simply doing those things you need to do consistently.  People with definitive routines (a time to get up, a time to eat, a time to go to bed at night…) are sometimes ridiculed.  However, their “routine” requires self-discipline and usually results in a lifestyle that has direction. Like a ship on the ocean, you will only head towards your destination if you have direction.  Productivity in every area of your life improves when squeezing in “routine’ tasks is no longer challenging.  It requires you to commit to a certain action at a certain time. 

If you feel like your life is chaotic and haphazard, consider putting together your own "routine". By having a routine, you will feel less stressed, more in control of your direction and your future.  Once you make a task “routine”, you indicate that it is a task worth completing regularly.  The task, whether it’s exercising, answering email, cleaning a room, becomes prioritized and less likely to become overwhelming.  Good salespeople know the importance of routine.  Many have scheduled times in either their workday or workweek for cold-calls, paperwork, or prospecting.  People who are physically fit also understand the importance of scheduling activities.  A person who exercises only when time and attitude permit will not achieve the benefits that regular, consistent exercise brings.

In his book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra lists a regular daily routine and a regular work routine as two factors that retard the aging process.  So, go ahead – schedule yourself into having a longer life!

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