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Reaching Your Goals - One Step at a Time
First of a two-part series.  For Part Two CLICK HERE
Many people do not understand the first step in creating the life they want.  The all-important first step is to have a goal.  Not just a notion or vague idea, but a tangible, well thought-out goal.   Write down your goal on an index card and carry it with you.  Read and reflect upon it several times a day. 
Focus works.

What you focus on you will attract.  Decide upon a goal and be as specific as you can.

My hypnosis practice has taught me that you must be specific; the subconscious mind is more effective when you give it definitive suggestions. The more precise you are about what you want, the better chance you have of obtaining it.  If you desire to lose weight, for example, then you envision yourself at an ideal weight, feel yourself at that weight, and focus exactly on the weight you want to be.  Avoid general statements such as "I want to become active in politics." Instead, figure out precisely what political role or position you want.  Then you can begin to plan how you will make your goal a reality.  You can only proceed to the next step after you know what it is you want.

Former President Bill Clinton demonstrates a perfect example of effective setting, planning, and achieving of goals.  Regardless of your opinion of him as a man or a politician, he knew what his goal was and achieved it against conventional wisdom.  From the day, as a teenager, that he shook President John F. Kennedy's hand, Clinton knew that he wanted to become President of the United States.  Here was a young man who knew exactly what he wanted.  Each step he took in his life was geared towards making his goal a reality.

Once the goal is selected, you must create a goal plan.  Determine what knowledge you must obtain to meet your goal.  What organizations or individuals must you put yourself in contact with? What coursework or learning must you complete?  Focus on your goal, gain knowledge needed to make your goal happen, then chart your course. As you progress, re-examine your methods to see what is and isn't working. If need be, revise your methods.  Once you are steadily moving towards your goal, you may confront obstacles, a point where many begin to lose the momentum.

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