Be Healthy and STAY Healthy!

Are you often ill, succumbing to every germ that you come across?  Are you worried that there isn’t enough of the flu vaccination? Are you sick and tired of being tired and sick?

As you listen to the news detailing the dire statistics about your likelihood of obtaining a particular ailment, you are undergoing a form of hypnosis.  Next time you watch television, count the number of ads by Pharmaceutical companies touting the life-changing benefits of their latest pill.  How often have you heard “1-in-8 Americans will suffer from such-and-such,” or “Each year 50,000 Americans will die from this-and-that?”  The message is clear: Good health is not a natural state.  Expect disease and the disintegration of your physical well being.

How often have you heard about a study of reasonably healthy people?  How do they live?  What is their attitude towards health and aging?  Are they just lucky with good genetics?  Increasingly, evidence suggests a strong mind/body connection between what people think and their ability to ward off or recover from illness.

Use self-hypnosis to improve your health.  How do you really feel about your own health?  Examine your beliefs about your state of health and determine if you have any limiting beliefs that may affect your ability to remain healthy.  Do you find it difficult to schedule downtime in your hectic schedule?  Maybe a cold is exactly what you need to take time off.  With any illness, examine why you would need this illness in your life, now at this time.  Since every challenge provides opportunities, determine what opportunity this illness is providing.

Begin practicing the ability to control your health.  Listen to doctors’ advice, but never turn over your health to another.  Be an active participant in determining your best course.  Want to be healthy and stay healthy?  Then decide that your new core belief is that you are in excellent physical condition and that you rarely, if ever, have the need to be ill.  Believe that something is so and your mind and body will create that reality.  Once you change your belief and begin to practice it in your daily life, you can exalt being in control of your life.  It is tremendously freeing. 

It has never made sense to believe in a god, an omnipotent god, who created us in his likeness out of complete love and perfection and then proceeds to act like some grand puppeteer pulling our strings to his delight/amusement.  To assume that he would kick some of us and watch our pain, while others seem to enjoy his blessings simply doesn’t fit with the concept of a God of love and perfection.  God, in whatever form you choose to believe in - a universal being, a spiritual energy, or an old man above the clouds in Heaven - created us with all the tools we would ever need for success.  All we have to do is to believe we have the power to affect our circumstances, believe that we are worthy of joy and good health, and then uncover the ways that we may have misplaced those tools within.

If you believe that your body will begin to deteriorate after 40 or 50 or 60, you will repeatedly attract into your life, either directly or indirectly, real tangible evidence that proves this belief to you.  You then think, “see I am correct, deteriorating health is inevitable.”  In reality, your belief is reinforced by what your mind, consciously or subconsciously, focuses on.

Once you have mastered control of the physical body through your thoughts and emotions, realize that you can control other areas of your existence as well.  Your relationships, events, and yes…finances.  In the next  article, we offer a new view on financial challenges and ways to prosper in spite of past difficulties.
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